Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My frog has come home!

I have two pieces of good news.

John and I are about 10,000 words into Taranor* book two. That's almost a tenth of the way to completion!


my frog has come home.

I thought Finella, the frog, had left home, having laid some infertile spawn in a flower tub this spring.  I watched the spawn with anticipation, but soon realised it wasn't going to yield a horde of babies. Finella was nowhere to be seen. I imagined her hopping off with a frown of disappointment on her little froggy face.

Last year friends dug out an old flower bed and, during April, I put a large plant holder thing from a garden centre inside and filled it with water. I put a water lily in the water, hung a budgie ladder on the edge so she had a climbing out tool and a big rock to hide under. Then I waited. 

Last week (peal of bells) she came back and has found the new pond.  To my delight I found her hanging onto the little ladder, keeping her head above water and her body cool.

I'm thrilled to have her back.

Finella on her budgie ladder
I do hope she finds a suitable boyfriend this year so that they can have babies. I've called her Finella after a character in Taranor.

* New fantasy adventure for ages 13 to 113 available on Amazon, paperback and kindle

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