Tuesday, 14 August 2012

technological forgetfulness.

On Tuesday afternoon at Swanwick Writers' Summer School you have the afternoon to yourself. I thought it would be a great time to catch up with editing my work.

I had roughly six hours free before supper. I spent a fair amount of that changing my room, due to the hard bed and constant hum in my first room. The staff were very obliging, allowing me to test each bed until, like Goldilocks, I found one that was just right. 

Once established in the main house, I took my laptop to the bar area and settled down to work. 
Oops. I'd taken the wrong file from my hard drive at home, which meant I had no work to edit.

So I spent the afternoon relaxing on the lawns drinking fizzy wine and discussing all things literary. I even had the chance to read the first chapter of my work in progress to my friends, who gave me valuable feedback.

After supper (more on the thorny issue of being vegan later) I went to a side splitting talk by Sharon Kendrick. http://www.sharonkendrick.com

Now back in my room, I thought I'd do a blog, using the photos I've taken during the last two days.

Oops. I'd left the camera card in the laptop and taken photos on to the camera and haven't got the right cable to get the photos onto the laptop.

It's clearly not a techy day, even though it started with a talk on e-publishing.

Still, it's been a wonderful day with warm hearted friends and warm sun. I'm looking forward to sleeping on a comfy bed tonight.

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