Monday, 13 January 2014

the circle continues...

The writer circle continues with Ruth de Haas.

Ruth is a fellow member of Scribes, a writing group based in Derby and also a fellow Swanwicker (Swanwick Writers' Summer School)

Ruth de Haas (nee Connelly) was born and raised in Southampton and read Ancient History at Balliol College, Oxford. Since then she has held a variety of jobs including selling vacuum cleaners in John Lewis and writing questions for the Weakest Link. In 2006 she moved to Derby to join the Rolls-Royce graduate scheme (aero engines, not cars), where she met a handsome rock climber in the pub one night and hasn't looked back. She now lives with her husband (that rock climber) in an excitingly crumbling Edwardian house, and works as a project manager when she isn't writing novels and blog posts. She has completed one fantasy novel, The Heartland of the Winter, a coming-of-age story which explores the impact of a harsh climate on the individual and society. It's currently under submission with publishers, awaiting that three-book deal. In the meantime, she's working on another novel, Forever 27, a magic realist tale of sex and death and drugs and magic and rock 'n' roll, inspired by the '27 club' of famous musicians who have died at that age. Her hobbies include yoga, listening to loud music, and following the (mis)fortunes of the England cricket team.

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