Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rescue Dog

Betty 1996 - 2011
Based on a true event 

A warm summer's evening
And time to take a stroll,
To catch the rays of setting sun,
And smile, as Betty sniffs grass verges.

But neighbours stop my heart mid-beat,
Pointing down the street
To a house on fire -
A dog trapped inside.

A crowd gathers on the green,
Watching firemen push the owner, weeping,
From the obscene,
Blackened door of his house.

We wait, each second an eternity,
While a man with breathing gear risks his life
To search for the furry soul who hides,
Frozen with fear among the burning embers.

Onlookers sigh as one,
Releasing breath held far too long,
As the man emerges,
Wreathed in dust and flame,
Holding the dog in his arms like a baby.

Lowered to the ground,
The dog's singed fur is bathed in human tears.

The smoke choked ears and nose lift a little.
A sturdy tail wags thump, thump, thump,
Upon the grass,

Starting my heart again.

Helen Ellwood 


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