Wednesday, 28 March 2012

raw chick peas anyone?

Money is really tight right now so, a few days ago, I decided to use up some old chickpeas that had been languishing in a jar on the kitchen shelf for months.

I put them in a flat dish and soaked them and drained them them until they sprouted a tiny bit. Then I cooked a few in a stew and put the uncooked ones away in the fridge.

Last night I made another chickpea stew. I added tomatoes and herbs and ladled it over a baked potato then settled down with my big fluffy cat to watch a film. Lovely hot potato, herby tomato sauce, fluffy cat and a decent film; what could go wrong?

I'd used the uncooked ones from the fridge.  I had two mouthfuls before I realised they were nearly raw.

The fact that I'm still alive this morning shows that slightly sprouted raw chickpeas are not poisonous. Which is good because I haven't finished editing my book yet, and had I died due to poisonous pulses, my co-writer would have had a lot of work to do, and of course would have gained all the glory once the film rights to our book were announced!


  1. What a coincidence, I have chickpeas soaking; I'll make them tomorrow. I usually boil them until they're much softer. Then I cook them in a pan with garlic and olive oil for a few minutes, and have them with rice.
    I love the dish!

    Thanks for sharing, and glad you weren't poisoned!

  2. Hee hee. Yes, I normally boil them. This time I thought I'd try sprouting them to reduce cooking time. Hmmm. reduced it too far though.
    I love the idea of garlic and olive oil in the last few minutes. I'll try that thanks.

  3. I've just eaten a muller yogurt that I left in the car for too many hours after buying it. Now I'm kind of wishing I hadn't. Remains to be seen what state I'll be in tomorrow.

    Glad the chickpeas were okay.


  4. I hope you're ok. I expect you'll have eaten a few more friendly bacteria than you intended : )

  5. Gosh, you do need to be careful, don't you? I must try a few more chick pea recipes, though, myself.

    1. Hi Biddy,I'm using canned ones now, much safer : )