Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why Writer...

Having finished the first draft of Taranor (the amazing new Fantasy Faerie adventure) last week, my co-writer and I set about the onerous task of editing and proof reading.

 We started off, ten months ago, writing the book in Microsoft Word, then  when the story became complex, switched to a program called Y writer.

 This is a wonderful free programme that helps you organise your scenes and chapters.  You can see everything clearly and change the order of any section without getting muddled. It was so easy to write our separate scenes and put them in the right places using this program.

Once finished, we read the whole of book through in Y Writer first and then transferred it to MS Word to check for smooth transitions.  Did the scenes flow from one to the other without jarring?  Did they heck!
It shocked us both just how many continuity errors had crept in.  Having each scene separated in Y Writer had lulled us into a false sense of cohesion.

I’m not rubbishing Y Writer in any way…it's a wonderful programme and I will use it for all of my projects.  The lesson I’ve learned is to check and double check continuity before transferring the story into another programme.

Once we’ve finished the rewrites we’re going to put it on Amazon. I’ll tell you next time how we made our decision as regards e publishing.

See you soon


  1. I'm thinking of putting one of mine on Amazon so I might want to pick your brains if you get there before me. Teresa Ashby has just posted about her experience with it on her blog.

    1. I just read her looks complex. Fortunately John is techy so hopefully there'll be no probs.