Monday, 1 October 2012

Jolt of realisation

During one of those very late at night, Thinking about Big Things moments, I had a jolt of realisation that my trip to Devon really is happening.

For those of you who think nothing of a 'quick trip abroad' or 'nipping down to Devon for a holiday' or even a night out in the next town, it may be hard to imagine how epic this plan of mine is.

My neuro disability is so painful that I'm scared of the journey, yet I want with all my heart and soul to 'go home.'

Assuming I can do it at all, it will be one way, as there's no way I'm putting myself through a return journey.

There are two things happening this coming week. First a test drive of Bertie, the new (very very old VW polo)
If I can only drive for ten minutes I know should live near Exeter. If I can do fifteen, then I can go to the town where I used to live, where I have friends.

Then, next weekend I'm attempting the first train trip experiment. 11 minutes there, stay over and 11 minutes back. If that's OK I'll be on to the next phase of testing.


  1. Hope your experiment has a successful conclusion.

  2. There's something sweet for you on my blog if you care to have a look.