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Hybrid publishers and memoirs.

So, you've finished your precious work. Every word is exactly where you want it to be and you feel satisfied. You’ve written and rewritten, edited and proofed, and now your baby is ready to go out into the wide world. Most people know the tricks:  get the agent/publisher’s name right,  craft a stunning cover letter with a one sentence pitch that knocks everybody’s socks off,  write a brilliant synopsis that would make the hardest of hearts melt,  produce a bio to show all your great accomplishments and, if needed write a clear proposal.  Got all that done? Okay. The next step is where you have to take a deep breath. Either your brilliant idea is met with silence or at the very least with a neutral rejection. If you’re really skilful and/or lucky, you might get a nice rejection written just for you with a bit of feedback. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of these from big named agents. They said nice things about my work and told me that memoirs like mine rarely get pu

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